Women Who Code Delhi Mentorship Program 3.0 — Week 3

Hey guys, hope you all are enjoying these content as much as we are and leveraging it to the fullest!

So as you might have deduced our third week session was on RESUME GROOMING and ONLINE PRESENCE. All three of us were instructed to keep our resumes ready and be thorough with it.

So, our mentor started it by first putting out the ideal points and simultaneously comparing it with our present resumes.

First off, start with you name beneath which you can add your contact section ,try putting as much clickable links of your online profiles showing your skills, projects or personality for e.g.LinkedIn, Github, Codechef/codeforces profiles ,your mail and contact number .As a fresher, you must try to include these five sub-headings in your resume, in preferably this order:


In education you could simply put your recent three degrees (10th,12th,graduation)- with most recent one on top- clearly mentioning your GPAs/percentage and time spans, nothing much fancy required here.

Coming to next section, your experience and project section plays a crucial role to build a good resume. Do not panic, if you don’t have something concrete to put on your experience section yet, it’s good to have but not necessary as a fresher.But, more importantly, what I learnt is you should not wait for something concrete to happen and then fill your experience section,it could be on any scale it’s on you how you articulate it and build the picture on viewer’s mind. Our mentor shared with her previous resume (before achieving all the ‘grand affairs’) where she mentioned her experience about mentoring 150+ girls in DSA concepts at her college society, which might not be her greatest achievement but again, the way she articulated it, especially mentioning numbers/figures of students you are impacting at your personal level further solidifies your point. During any of your internship if you have worked on something which is hosted online ,do consider putting its link.

If you haven’t scored any major internship ,worry not, projects section comes to the rescue. Its preferable to first put the title of your project and a one liner defining its basic functionality. Below this mention the tech stacks used while making it and then the github link or live site link(adds much authenticity to your work).

One thing to keep in mind is you have to make your resume ATS-compliant i.e. most of the times there isn’t any person manually going through these huge heaps of resume , it is shortlisted by ATS(applicant tracking system) yes! you heard it right through “systems”. Hence, consider choosing a simple layout and adding Power words into your resume to make it shine! As one way an ATS works is to eliminate resumes that are missing certain keywords. Examples of such words include “accomplished,” “designed,” “initiated,” and “supervised”, “mentored”, “quantified”, “programmed”. Although ,different companies have their different ATS, you could verify yours through various free online sites such as Resume worded, Jobs Scan.

Coming to the skills section , you can segregate into rows such as first stating the programming languages, then your data structures and algorithm insights ,then putting any development you are familiar with e.g. web/android etc, followed by CS core subjects such as DBMS, OS , Networking. Consider putting words as problem solving here.

Lastly for the achievement section, you could put all miscellaneous coding competitions ranks, hackathons ranks etc. Again, no achievement is big or small even if you haven’t won a hackathon but been into finales, cleared some stages, stood from the crowd make it all count!

So, that would be all from my side for now, I hope it helps you in crafting your perfect resumes. See you soon with a some new experience and insights coming week!