Women Who Code Delhi Mentorship Program 3.0 — Week 2

So here I am back again trying to list out all my learnings and insights comprehensively from week 2 of our mentorship program. As discussed ,it was based on exploring all major opportunities/Scholarships which one can grab throughout the course of our engineering. Our mentor assigned all three of us different domains for individual research ,so I went ahead to list out major off campus internships and placements with tentative dates and eligibility criterion.

Here’s the link to it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cA2OqK0bL-OISFPpDJCOQvZEUawkhX73aCsVceeUdhc/edit?usp=sharing

Also, to be updated with more such off campus opportunities I would recommend you guys to follow Arsh Goyal’s LinkedIn page.

Our mentor, then filtered out from our individual documents, added some missing yet worth knowing opportunities and condensed it all in a very informative PPT, kudos to her dedication.(Link)

We simultaneously discussed the application procedure briefly and also heard some past experiences of her applications. To make the session more interactive she planned an impromptu session in which we had to roughly present our answer for a previous scholarship essay based question .She suggested us to always relate our answer with something you have experienced and give it a personal touch for e.g. while talking about personal motivation and struggles to work in STEM field instead of just putting some generic points as its flexibility, wide range of opportunities, financial perks you can go ahead and add any experience that motivated you to work on it and if given a chance you would improve it and add some value to the community, it can be a time when being from a tier three college you felt lack of mentorship and you thought you wouldn’t want your juniors to face the same and thought of solving this challenge technologically by maybe say, a webapp to socially connect them(just a random example it can be anything you have experienced and got etched somewhere in the back of your mind).Coming back to the point,if there is word limitation for answers try making it precise and crisp,this might require you make multiple drafts of that answer but once its finalized it can be used in several such similar applications so do save it for future.

I realised there were so many opportunities that we miss out on maybe due to lack of information or procrastination in filling out forms .The major learning I took is to apply for more and more such opportunities somewhere aligning with your interests without overthinking much on if you are best suited for the role or not as you don’t know which door might open for you. Special mention to our mentor who is such a supportive, inspiring and wholesome personality ,the session was so informative ,soaked with new learnings yet we enjoyed throughout (p.s. pretty evident from our faces) . Looking forward to more such wonderful sessions.